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Monday, June 18, 2012

Living Life's Little Dreams: Moving to Hoboken

So, here's the plan for the coming year, at long last.


I've lived all around it, but this year I will be able to walk this tiny but mighty town and not have to go back up any hill to get home! Rev. Curtiss, who will be retiring after this year, has offered me a full time position that gives me housing in the middle of the city.

What I will be doing is a combo of working for the parish as a missioner and outreach person, as well as continuing my work at the Jubilee Center and St. John's. The Executive Director of the center, Armstead Johnson, has been kind enough to help make a new administrative role that I can fill, Development Assistant. Right now we are seeing it as a position that directly aids the Ex. Dir. in donor stewardship and creating our case for funding and grant management. This will be particularly helpful I believe in the professional life I am aiming to take on as a priest down the line. Being able to map the inner-workings of a nonprofit will be a great benefit to any institution I end up with on my journey.

As to St. John's, our community arts program, Arts at St. John's, is something I intend to continually bolster. We have had two successful events, The Revival Cabaret and Viva Italia! with Union City Opera. Over this summer we are doing a trial run with a group of local coordinators who are starting a Wellness Program at St. John's (everything from yoga to aerial acrobatics, seriously cool stuff!). Essentially, my position there is to monetize the building as much as possible while maintaining close ties to the community and the mission of the church. This will also mean continuing my relationship with people of our after school program Puerta Abierta, which I am thrilled about (one of the ladies, Aida, says I am her nieto, she's definitely mi abuelita de Union City).

What I'm most excited for is the time I will be allowed to develop new outreach programs for All Saints. I've convinced Geoff that doing a "theology on tap" is a good plan. Northern Soul on a Tuesday to discuss religion/faith/spirituality/meaningful things, anyone? Also I will be able to do some youth work with our middle schoolers, and I think I have a trip in mind for them, though it will take a lot more discussion and talking with the parents. What I'd really like to do is reshape the world for the kids in two ways: nature and poverty. I'd like to do an extended camping trip, location TBD, and take them on a mission trip to a foreign country. When I was 14 I was able to go to Haiti, and it changed the way I see privilege, blessing and responsibility forever; that's the kind of lasting impact the church needs to provide to young people, in my opinion. How realistic this is I do not yet know, but we will see what the possibilities are and move forward from there.

After this, it's still my hope that I would go to seminary, and again, most especially CDSP. But that's the fall of 2013, and I'm going to enjoy the ride there.

Shout outs: congrats to Alma Ghast for her endeavors in the West Bank this year, Mark Sharrow and his developing mission in SoCal/Tijuana, Anna Mellace and her ongoing adventure's in Indonesia, Will Hohmeister for being hilarious, James Morey just because he is who he is.

Questions? Comments? Hit me.

Much love all.

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  1. thanks for the shoutout :) So glad to hear things are working out well!!