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Monday, July 30, 2012

Now it's not just a dream...

I've only lived in TheBoken for 3 days now but I'm already sad that it won't last longer than a year. My apartment is stereo-typically mid-20s male: awesome new smart TV, living room decked out with all the necessary trappings, starkly decorated (meaning nothing) and I sleep on an air mattress. My fridge has nothing in it because who needs food in your apartment when you're surrounded by awesome food in every direction?

I think my favorite thing about the 2nd photo is the pair of chopsticks still wrapped from my last order from the most reasonable sushi place nearby, Robongi; and one big thing of sea salt.

Anyhow, I've officially started my Development Assistant position at the Jubilee Center, something I think will be a major asset to my resume well into the future (can you say "Giftworks?"). While some of it seems like it will be tedious it is attention to detail that ends up being what can make the difference with state grants, I'm finding. I don't interact with the rambunctious young-uns' so much, but they are ridiculous to watch even from a distance, as seen down here getting their groove on to some pop-ballad.
And things are looking pretty good up at St. John's in my recently former home of Union City, where our Wellness Program is doing pretty well for a fledgling organization! And soon, NEWARK ACTS will have a new class of interns, and hopefully a better looking website as that is the other thing I'll be working on over the course of August.

In any case, I'm in love with where I'm at, I love being able to walk EVERYWHERE since Hoboken is so cramped in and all of the wonderful options it has for everything, food, entertainment, scenic walks, beautiful buildings, and interesting people to hangout with everywhere. I only wish I had more than a year to be here :(

But I will not mope, I will get out there and soak up every single second of this amazing town. I realize how lucky I am, and to be here at my age doing things that I actually want to do that has a meaningful impact on a lot of real people, how can one complain? See ya around the block ;)

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